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Grand Theft Auto V is going to FREE on Epic Game store

Grand Theft Auto V going to FREE on Epic Game store

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Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) is one of the most popular open world games all over the world.The game is developed by American company Rockstar.  

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Recently,  a close representative from Epic Game Store says that GTA V can going to FREE for All users of Epic Game Store. 

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Epic Game Store (EGS) is the most popular game portal. It is going to popular day by day for Their FREE giveaways. As a close representative From Epic Games Store confirms that GTA V may be list to EGS & it may be FREE for all. The date scheduled from 14th May,2020 to 21st May,2020. 

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Please note that, GTA V is not listed on Epic Game Store yet. But in previous records,  Epic Game Store gave many games Free for their users  though those are not listed there before. 

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