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Increase download speed of Epic games and Steam Game store

Increase download speed Epic games and Steam Game store

Today I will show you how to Increase download speed of Epic games and Steam Game store. Those game size from the epic game store and steam store are so big and Slow downloads is a curse for them.

Just follow the steps below very carefully: 

increase download speed of Epic Games

  • You must need a Broadband Network for the system. Please contact your nearest internet service provider for Broadband service. It is also known as wifi. You may connect your device with an ethernet cable as well as wireless connection through router too.

Each ISP has its own download server which gives you faster download speeds and you can download unlimited Games, Movies, Files in faster download speeds than others. Check the internet connection and network connection given by them. Sometimes they provide slow download speeds but the higher upload speed.

You may check your steam download speed from the speed test website https://www.speedtest.net/

First you need to the Steam Launcher or the Epic games launcher.  Sign in your Store library & start the download. Wait 2-3 minutes to download & pause it.

Now follow the Proxy settings:

  1. Go here and download the Proxifier Software and Install it.
    (Registration key: YTZGN-FYT53-J253L-ZQZS4-YLBN9)

2. After the installations process has done Now open the software & make a setting like that:

  • Go to Profile option from the Menu, Click Add proxy server, and click the Add button

3. Now make settings like that:

      server address:
      port: 6874
      Protocol: Socks4

4. Now Save the Settings & click OK to start the proxy.

Please note that sometimes download region and your wi-fi internet speed makes a fact to increase the game download speed. You can use some confidential steam settings for your steam client to increase steam download speed. You don't need to do anything change for increase epic store speed for increase game download speed.

You may have to wait minimum a several minutes for the Full speed. Don't panic if your speed doesn't increase within 2-3 minutes.

Enjoy. Please feel free to comment below if you have face any problem.


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