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Cannibal Return Mod Pack Android GTA SA Android MODs Tutorial

Most of the mod packs we see for Android have GTA V stuff in them. But what if you do not want GTA V stuff in your GTA SA Android including cars, textures, etc? Today I am going to share another mod pack. This one is my personal favorite due to its graphics and optimizations. The name of this mod pack is "Cannibal Return". The maker of this mod pack is "Ryan Adrian" and some other modders (name in the credits section). 

The main features of this mod pack are increased and optimized graphics, new textures, lots of trees and grass with the highest quality textures and some cool mods including new hud, new skin, more trees, some new vehicles, and some cool Cleo mods including the famous SA Extender mod. 

I tested this mod pack in an old Galaxy S4 and it ran on max settings without any lag. It is a very good mod pack. If you are bored with GTA V stuff then give this mod a try I am sure you will love this mod pack. 

Credits: HAF Mike Kethens 

To install this mod pack, please follow these steps: 

Before You Start 

• Make sure you have at least 2GB free space to download and install this mod pack. 
• As always, you need a good specs device to run this mod pack.
 • Cleo Android is required to get maximum results. Mods like SA Extender require Cleo to work. 
• Always backup your game data and apk file before installing.
 • To uninstall this mod pack, uninstall the moved files. 

Installation Process:

Step I: Download Cannibal Return Mod Pack SA Android 

• Download from: Mediafire here (700MB) (If the Mediafire website doesn't load to you then USE VPN and Connect to USA)

Step II: Install this Mod in Your GTA SA Android 

• Backup GTA San Andreas Android data files and save game files. 

If you don't want to backup, then skip the next two steps. If you want to backup then copy data files.

You can find data files and save files by going to: /Android/OBB/com.rockstargames.gtasa

Copy the "com.rockstargames.gtasa" folder and move it to any safe place. So if this mod doesn't work you can revert back to the original game.

• Delete the "com.rockstargames.gtasa" folder present inside: /Android/data/

• Now extract the mod pack. You can use WinRar in the computer and ES File Explorer in Android to extract the mod pack.

• After extraction go to the location where you extracted the mod pack and copy "com.rockstargames.gtasa" folder. And move it to: /Android/data/

• You have installed the mod pack. Step III: Enjoy the mod pack

• Now run the game and enjoy the mod pack.

• Mod not working? Please let me know in the comment section.

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