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Crypto Signals and Automated Trading Bot

Crypto Signals and Automated Trading Bot

binance crypto trading bot

Crypto is the most popular e-currency nowadays. It is using all over the world. People from all over the world earning a lot of money by trading on crypto. So Crypto Trading is getting popular day by day. Crypto Trading and Crypto Signals are the most important part for a crypto holders. So, Today I am going to share some profitable signals tricks for Crypto trading and a short discussion with a Crypto Trading Bot for Binance.

What are crypto signals?

Crypto Trading Signals are trading ideas or trade suggestion to buy and sell a particular coins or tokens at a certain price and a time. It is also known as Crypto Calls. These signals are provided manually by a professional trader or by a Crypto Trading Bot which sends the signals by doing some analysis in its system with the current crypto markets as well as the central bank too and gives the feedback through Algorithm. It is known by Crypto Bot or Automated Bot. The using system of those bots is called Automated Crypto Trading.

How do you get crypto trading signals?

Crypto signals telegram getting popular day by day. Crypto Trading Signals in telegram is provided through a telegram group or a channel. Some channel provides free premium crypto signals and some of them are giving VIP signals or premium signals in telegram.

I suggest you to join Crypto Paid signals this channel. The channel has to give the services since 2018. They can give you Binance Trading signals in telegram. Many Crypto VIP are following their signals.

They have two plans for the user. One is free crypto signals telegram and the other is VIP crypto signals or Premium Crypto Signals, also called crypto VIP signal. They also provide Premium Binance signals for Bitcoin and premium Altcoins signals too. Most of the Time they provide accurate Binance VIP signals in telegram. They have also an android crypto signals app.

Some Screenshots of their Signals and Bots:








What is the Best Crypto Trading Bot?

Well, there's a lot of popular Crypto Trading Bot for Traders like Cryptohopper,3comma, and so on.

I like the Binance trading bot developed by Crypto Paid signals. The team has also their cryptocurrency trading bots which can give you the Accurate signals for Crypto trading. It is also knowns as Binance bot for trading.

What are the features of the Bot?

The Bot is specially made for Binance Trading. It has its power of analysis with the market conditions and trading strategies. It has amazing built-in Trading features. It will provide you:

  • The Bot is mainly made for Binance, so it is called by Binance Trading Bot.

  • The main feature is, The Bot always buy the coin at the Low rate and sell the coin to the high rate automatically.

  • It can do only 3-4 trade every hour. So it is acknowledged about every minute of a coin movement and analyses the coin every 15 minutes to BUY AT LOW PRICE and SELL AT HIGH PRICE.

  • It can generate a minimum of 4% to a maximum of 17% profits within 1D (24 hours) through its amazing analyses of power and the market condition.

  • Accurate Buy Sell position and price at the right time automatically

  • Can trade automatically and choose only the top 120 coins from coinmarketcap.com

  • It ensures you to choose safe coin by analyst circulation, value, capitalization, upcoming news, movement, and some algorithm. So it is 100% risk-free.

  • Can do only buy and sell. The bot has no option for Withdraw or sweep your money to anyone.

  • Connect through Binance API. so it is 100% safe and secure Bot.

  • Optionally, you can manually set the Price, Time, Value for buy and sell your certain coins.

  • You can customize the Whole Bot to instruct itself what can it do and what does it cant.

  • You can trade through it when you sleep or busy in the job.

  • No need to run this bot the whole day in your device.

  • Take Profit, Stop Loss Features.

What are Bitcoin signals?

Bitcoin Signals are instruction for a crypto trader to buy and sell the bitcoin at the right time and the right price. It also known as cryptocurrency signals to know when the price of bitcoin may up or down. crypto trading telegram group will say you when the price will up and down to buy and sell your Bitcoin to get profits. People feel comfort to say bitcoin buy sell signals. Many people mention it as crypto buy sell signals.

What is the best app or website to trade Cryptocurrency?

There are many exchange or crypto trading website are now found. But The most popular Crypto Trading App and Websites are:

  • Binance

  • kucoin

  • Coinbase

  • Cex.io

  • Blockchain

  • Bittrex

  • Hitbtc

  • Bittrex

  • Bibox

Is trading Cryptocurrency safe?

Yes, It is safe. But you have to choose the most popular trading website and apps for trading cryptocurrency. Popular websites are getting more and more secure day by day. Please ignore any anonymous website or apps for trading in crypto. I suggest you always use Binance, Kucoin, Coinbase and Blockchain for trade and store your money.


Free signal about a month and then I bought their Premium Signal. I am using their Premium signals now and their Crypto Trading Bot Too. Still, I do not find any issue with their Bot. I recommend you to buy their Bot and Premium signals too. But first, you can check their Older post and activity to ensure yourself and your own satisfaction.


  1. I bought their service already . Good and trust worthy service till now. Hope They give me support and service for lifetime.

  2. Hello, I have setup everything and start the bot for trading. And it is doing good trade. Now do I need to open the bot?

    1. No need to open the bot and no need to open your device nor Internet connection too.

  3. The bot subscription for lifetime or a specific time?

  4. Cool. How much I earn if I make trade with 1 BTC?

    1. Not a fix amount. You can 4% minimum by the bot and maximum 17/18% within 24hrs time periods depends on marketcap


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