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How to Change All xiaomi/redmi mobile's Font easily in 2020

Change All Xiaomi/redmi mobile's Font easily in 2020

Xiaomi/Redmi phones are very popular nowadays. Xiaomi/Redmi is stand number 3 of selling position all over the world. The phone is getting popular day by day for its features, active developers & honest pricing policy.

change font for xiaomi and redmi mobile

How to Change All Xiaomi/redmi mobile's Font by Changing Region

You can change the font of your Xiaomi & Redmi phones easily by changing your Region settings to India. Changing region to India can give you the feature to change your default font & sweep to any other font you like. To do this follow this step:

  1. Go to your mobile settings. Then find the Region settings by typing 'region' on the search option above.
  2. Tap to Region & change it to INDIA
  3. Now open the THEME app on your mobile.  Click to font option in below
  4. now choose any font or download another by searching above.
  5. Now reboot the phone.

How to Change All Xiaomi/redmi mobile's Font by Import/Download


There are two ways to change the font by downloading & importing it to your mobile.


  • Change your region to India from your mobile settings.
  • Go to Theme app & click on Themes,  You can find the import option. 
  • Now simply import your theme/font mtz file & apply it. If it asks to change your font then tap yes to give the permission to change it. (Remember,  this can only change your Font after a reboot)


If nothing of the following method doesn't work on your phone then you can follow this method.



  •  Now open the Theme Editor app & select your current theme
  • After that,  go to font & select the font from your file directory.
  • Now save it & Apply 
  • You have successfully changed your font. (If it asks for reboot your phone, then tap Yes for reboot. After a reboot your font will successfully change)


  •  Open the app & choose the font from your directory & apply it.
  • That's all. (If asks to reboot then reboot your phone.)  Now you have changed your font successfully


This all the ways to change any Xiaomi or redmi phone's font easily in an easy method.
If you have to face any problem regarding changing your font then please feel free to ask me in the comment section.

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