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Top 6 bangla font for xiaomi and redmi phones in 2020

Top 6 Bangla font for Xiaomi and redmi phones in 2020

Xiaomi and Redmi phones are now one of the most popular mobile brands for their Amazing features and Developer activity.  Each of every update of every MiUi gets something special features included. This gives the users a more positive experience of using Xiaomi and redmi phones.

Here is the list of top 6 Bengali font for Xiaomi and Redmi phones:

Benson and rosemary fonts bangla

1. Benson+Rosemary version 4

Top 6 Bangla font

Rosemary and Benson Download link
benson and rosemary fonts for redmi mobile

2. Benson + Raindrop version 4 

Benson raindrop  download

3. Android Durga Font

Android Durga Font download

4. Solaiman Lipi+ kulkaj version 2

Solaiman Lipi and kulkaj download

5. Blackcuncery+Kumarkhali

Blackcuncery Kumarkhali download

6. kulkaj+kumarkhali

kulkaj kumarkhali download


These Top 6 Bangla fonts are for your Xiaomi & redmi phones give you a more attractive look for your Bangla font. More font coming soon in the future. If you need any suggestions or having problem then feel free to comment below.

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