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Crypto mining on android phone in 2020

Earn crypto money by mining on android in 2020

Crypto is electronic cash which is very popular nowadays. Earning crypto is also an interesting thing. Previously, we were known that only Bitcoin and Eth are the crypto but it is not true at all. More than 2000+ cryptocurrencies now available in the crypto market. Today I will try to guide you to Earn and make some crypto money FREE by your Android Phone without doing anything. It is one of the methods of Mining on Android.

If I mining on my android do I face any problem or my phone will get hampered??

Mining on android doesn't give any bad effect on you and your phone too. It also doesn't have any hitting issue or lagging issue and also doesn't slow down your android device.

So let's talk about the secret mining coin and the coin is Pi Network. Today when I am writing this article the price of the coin is stand to 0.356 USD or 0.00003957 BTC. You can check live price here

 The developers of the coin are so active and they are in the first stage. And you will happy to know that the coin already gets trading on FUBT.
I hope soon more popular exchange will add them too. Because The developers and the management team are so active and hard workers.

earn crypto  by mining on android

How can I mine from my android?

  • Ok it's too easy to know you that you have to just install the app from Google Play Store.
  • First go to https://minepi.com/abrarmasum and click on Download App. The link will redirect you to the google play store. 
  • Now Install It and open the App.
  • Signup the App and must use the username abrarmasum while signup.
  • After that click on Earn Pi and the mining will start. You can see the hash rate of mining on the Top.

What is the necessity to use this invitation Code (abrarmasum)?

Well, when the Mining system able us to withdraw the coin to any exchange you will get an extra 35 USD of Pi token. After signing up your account please comment on your username in the comment section here. We will contact you soon.

How much I earn from mining?

You will able to earn a minimum of 0.20 Pi in every hour. That's mean a minimum of 4.8 Pi daily. That will be 1.68 USD every day. And you know it is better than any other mining on Your Android. You will able to earn 11.76 USD weekly and 50 USD monthly without doing anything.

So let's do you're earning some free money from today. 50 USD monthly is not bad.

Please let me know if you have face any problem with the comment. I will help you surely. 


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